An employment haven for college dropouts, musicians, poets, and sundry artsy types, still living at home whilst pressing into their 30's, desperate for health insurance until they can make a living following the muse.
my high school drop out brother just got a job at McDonalds.
Oh yeah! Well, my college drop out sister just got a job at Starbucks. That is; until she makes it as a stage actress.
by paco March 16, 2004
The end of the world
There was a Starbucks....across the street from a starbucks!
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
Overpriced corporate coffee-house and symbol of American cultural imperialism. Attracts trend whores by falsifying an artsy and intellectual atmosphere of social responsibility. Bane of entrepreneurs worldwide.
Trendy bitch: Hey, wanna go grab some Starbucks?
Informed friend: Fuck that shit! I'm buying local.
by Stefan R August 08, 2007
If you want to work at Starbucks there are some requirements. You have to be eccentric, listen to death metal, write poetry, and to smoke clove cigarettes (because you're a rebel).
If you want to play chess there...You have no life.
If you want to read at there...Dont.
If you want to write your shit novel... Do it at home.
This store is for coffee. and ice cream. and coffee/icecream/soy/chai milkshakes.
My advice...go to Dunkin Donuts.
"Hi my name is Jim and I would like to work here at Starbucks."

"Okay...whens the last time you cried to yourself in the dark."

"uhh. Never."

"Sorry, youre not right for the job."
by Ceslife October 08, 2005
A chain of coffee houses frequented by many suburban teens.
Michelle: Oh, man! Starbucks is soooooo cool!

Stephanie: Yeah, they rock!

Michelle: Since when do YOU go to Starbucks? That's MY place!

Stephanie: What do you mean? I've always gone to Starbucks!

Diggity Monkeez: Hey, ladies. I don't drink coffee.

Michelle: Get out of here, juvenile.
by Diggity Monkeez February 03, 2005
The only coffee shop (I know of at least) where the tall is a small and the short is an extra large. You also have to speak what I call "Starbucks" to order anything fancy there. Sheesh.
Barista: "Welcome to Starbucks"
Customer: "I'll have a grande caramel latte with ice and an expresso shot please."
Barista: "Would you like whipped cream or caramel sauce on that?"
Customer: "No thanks, but I'll also get one of your venti Mocha frappachino iced coffees!"
by bonjourno July 31, 2007
A very poplular drink company that manages to get at least 75% of the world population addicted to it's overpriced coffees and espressos by putting 5 locations within a 2 mile radius. There is never a need to actually LOOK for a Starbucks. They find you, not you find them. Their drinks are pretty good, exept for the fact if you're a middle/highschool student you have to bring one to school, drink it in several minutes and carry the goddamn cup with the logo on it everywhere you go in public just to be "cool". Usually if you go there at least four or more times a week you can get a free coffee every few days or so. (A so-called starbucks junkie.)
Shannon: OMG I wanna work at Starbucks when I turn 16!
*both drink coffee*
by somebodycall311 March 18, 2006

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