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The most totally awesome group of people in the world. They alone are responsible for the youtube sensations "A Very Potter Musical," "A Very Potter Sequal" and "Me and my Dick."
they are fucking amazing.
Hey you heard of starkidpotter?

omg yeaaah they're amazing
by clouddyy August 26, 2010
The GREATEST acting troupe ever. They are totally awesome. Based out of Chicago the Starkids have made four major productions, including A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Me and My Dick, and most recently, Starship.

The members include, Darrin Criss, Joe Walker, Meredith Stepien, Joey Richter, Joe Moses, Lauren Lopez and Brian Holden. There are many more but these are the major contributors. Look them up on the YouTube!
Starkid Potter!
by AHDFOKJAHDL January 12, 2012