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Used to describe different levels or degrees of sexual experience. It is substituted for the base system, due to discrepancies amongst different people's definition of each base.

1 Star - Making out.
2 Stars - Boob touching, over or under the shirt.
3 Stars - Hand jobs, fingering, getting turkied, jerking.
4 Stars - Oral sex, carpet munching, head.
5 Stars - Vaginal or anal intercourse.

The stars make communicating how your weekend went easier amongst friends.
Dude #1 - "How was your weekend bro?"
Dude #2 - "It was awesome bro. I had a 5-Star weekend!"

"She's such a slut. I hear she went to four stars on four different guys in one night!"

Sexually Frustrated Person - "I've only ever had one star..."

"This star system is so much less confusing than the base system. WTF does it mean when someone says short-stop anyway?"
by Yentasaurus December 06, 2011
a new classifying system replacing the four bases.

One Star: making out
Two Stars: anything else with hands
Three Stars: hand jobs
Four Stars: oral sex
Five Stars: sex
Dude 1: How was the weekend?

Dude 2: I had a five star weekend, according to the star system!!

Dude 1: AWESOME.
by gnrbefm December 21, 2011