1. term for describe extreme stupidity
2. used to describe soemone who likes ai lings
3. a soreloser with a circular spiral shaped penis
1. you are such a stanton
2. stop being a stanton
3. he is a stanton!
by stanton fans August 25, 2008
Someone not qualified for their job whatsoever.
Man, that teacher knows nothing about that subject. He is such a Stanton.
by Bob McJimmis April 02, 2006
A person who is underqualified for their job.
"Dude my english teachers an idiot"
"Reckon, he's a massive Stanton!"
by Andrew Sient September 21, 2005
A really quaggy lame person, who has veins popping out of his head when he does a thunderous warren...
there's a vein - what a stanton

by Stefan gunn August 25, 2006
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