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The coolest last name in the history of all last names ever. People with the last name Stankus are teased mercilessly and given nicknames like "stinky", "stink-ass" "skank-ass", etc. However, Stankus's know that everyone else is merely jealous of their awesomely amazingly cool last name. Stankus's are very proud of their name and insults have no effect on them whatsoever.
"Oh, I sure wish my last name was Stankus like that awesome person over there... I'll take out my anger on them by calling them names!"
by Laughing Jesus July 25, 2008
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a really very extremely homosexual and en-flamed male who is very gay. Stankus's are also known to have very long, muskrat like, hair
straight male: "omfg your soo gay you stankus"
by ryanlankester March 22, 2010
1. The attorcious smell of the anus that has not been properly cleaned after a bowel movement.

2. Stankus, can, and will lead to an itchy anus as well as being smelly. Stankus is not comfortable in any way nor is it pleasing to one's smelling senses.

3. A person who is an asshole, but at the same time has an awkward and unpleasing body odor.

Originiation: Stankus is derived from the anglo-piglatin words stanky and anus.
Ex. Jared did not wipe well after his poop; he then had a stankus.

Ex. Dude, that guy is such a stankus (asshole that smells bad).

Ex. What smells? Do you have a stankus?

Ex. Stankuses are so not cool....
by John Stankus January 29, 2007

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