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A southern slang term, derived from stinkybaby, or stankababy; term used to define ones innocence as a baby or child; often used in relationships as a term of affection towards a girlfriend or boyfriend and a very cute ass pet-name to replace i.e. baby, boo, etc.!!!
"Aww, come here stanka..."
"Ima make you my stanka one day..."
by jamzitsreal October 13, 2009
When a girl is sucking your dick and you grab your cock and dick slap her in the face and you make her say "stanka Stanka"
Jane got stankaed by John and she loved it.
by Juan and Paul August 02, 2006
refering to a woman as a dirty, nasty whore.
That bitch is such a stanka!
by Miranda Mae March 05, 2007
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