ITT: A bunch of elitist butthurt retards.
Person 1: I'm so awesome, I got to Stanford. Everyone be jealous of me because I go to Stanford! You all just wish you could go to Stanford. etc.

Person 2: Dude, stfu nobody gives a shit about your crappy elitist school.
#stanford #elitist #failure #obnoxious #university
by God_in_a_Box October 11, 2010
a mans genitalia
lets have a look at my stanford
#stanford #rabbits #genitalia #male #funny
by drRabbit666 August 01, 2009
A place in California which looks strikingly like an enormous Mexican restauraunt. Also, an astoundingly expensive, premier (elitist) university with some brilliant minds and a party scene as dead as any Darwin award winner.
Trust fund son one: "Did I really spend my entire life working to get in here?"

Trust fund son two: "Yeah man, Stanford is lamer than my grandma on life support. Well, at least we don't smell half as bad as Berkeley."
#baja fresh #del taco #taco bell #el coyote #el pollo loco
by D H December 11, 2006
A failed version of Berkeley.
Fuck Trees. Fuck the color red. And Fuck Stanford.
#stanford #stanfurd #trees #cardinals #stanford university
by L. Stanford Jr. April 15, 2008
Although Stanford University is one of the most selective American schools in terms of admissions, many have found the college's overall atmosphere to be one of feigned relaxation and underlying insecurity, as accurately described by the "duck" analogy. Many self-consciously 'chill' students here are pompous in person, but truly mask some unseen blemish of the personality.
I pity any bastard unlucky enough to accept admission to Stanford, especially considering the poor selection of women and disappointing student body they'll encounter.
#stanford #stanfurd #fug #stanford university #dumbasses #beat
by Teller of Truths September 03, 2006
A school that thinks they are so great in everything but somehow managed to lose in football to SJSU 35-34. I'm glad all of that wasted money is going somewhere.
Eppy: Hey did you know that SJSU just beat Stanford in football 35-34?
Dave: Ya man, Stanford Sucks!
Travis: Awesome
#someone's got jokes! #eppy #taco bell #in-n-out #yellowcard
by Spartan Squad September 23, 2006
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