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WORST band ever, they are pitchy and ugly and faggles. The kick out people on a daily basis and they are unoriginal.

Basically they are:
Bob "do you like standing through autumn?"
by Babyface123 August 16, 2010
After being a band for just shy of a year, Standing Through Autumn has achieved heights unheard of by other high school bands. STA started playing small shows at a local venue, playing in front of 20-40 people. After a few short months and a few member changes, STA now plays with bands that have toured the world in front of 250 people a show on average. With a fanbase that grows after every show, STA thanks and will never forget the people that helped them get to where they are today. They are a progressive metalcore or emocore influenced band. Their band consist of Vocals Josh, Drums Vinnie, Bass Guitar Justin and Lead Guitar Ryan and Rhythm Salik.
AngelOfYourNightmare: amaaaazing music :)
keep it up, you'll go far ♥ great job standing through autumn
Squeeky77: You guys are sure to make it keep up the great work STA!!!
etc from many other bands and fans.
by squeeky77 August 03, 2010

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