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The only REAL Punk band today, their singer has the unpolished kind of voice like The Clash's and The Ramones's singers. This band also has good guitar and a very Punk sound. It is too bad that this band is Japanese and you can't understand them. I recommend listening to the song "No Boy No Cry". It is a good song. The vocals aren't the best because it is Punk.
person1: what song is this.
person2: No Boy No Cry, by the Stance Punks, an actual punk song, unlike the gay mainstream shit that is called punk.
person1: it sounds retarded!
person2: you know what sounds retarded? the gay fake punk thats on the radio.
person1: this isn't punk
person2: just learn about The Clash and The Ramones, thats real punk.
by joe725 March 22, 2007
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