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Short for Stoner Amnesia
(Pronounced, Stam-nees-ee-yer)
To loose any sense of rememberance whilst stoned.

To think of something you must do, but then completetly forget about it because you are stoned, and then remember that you just remembered you must do something, but you cant quite remember what it is, and therefore, leaves you thinking about what that thing is for a good hour and a half untill you finally remember what it was in which gives you a huge sense of accomplishment.

Can cause stoners to freak out or become very light headed.
Stoner 1: "Aww man i just remembered something"
Stoner 2: "Whats that?"

Stoner 1: "Aww shit man, i fucking forgot!"
Stoner 2: "Dude, terrible stamnesia"
by Dr Amnesia March 18, 2009
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