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If you get beat in a arm wresling match and the guy who beats you gets custoday over his kid, or if a guy your trying to arrest blows up a town trying to kill you
you just got Stallowned by that guy, he blew the shit outa that town
by Sr. D June 04, 2005
to have slyvester stallone destroy your shit.
"Those idiots in Hope WA got stallowned in first blood"
"Rico got stallowned in judge dredd"
"Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Tommy Gunn all got Stallowned"
by Jubby:) February 24, 2008
To have Sylvester Stallone ram his penis into your rectum.
Eric Kukis thought he was a smart ass until he was in the face down position of a Stallowned.
by Eethy March 15, 2005
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