1) An older successful and attractive male, who is dating/hooking-up with a significantly younger female

2) A male version of a cougar
Hugh Hefner is a prime example of a Stallion because he consistently dates younger females and gets lucky ;)
by Yuism June 25, 2011
A big Italian cock.
Toni has a big stallion!
by italianstallion95 December 20, 2011
A girl so wild, so beautiful, so aggressive that she is untameable by man!
"Damn that girl is in stallion mode! She swigged that bottle and kissed 7 guys!"
"Kathy Tran the stallion, likes to eat man, as much as she can!"
by cowboy1989 November 16, 2009
Male version of a cougar
Man, did you see that Stallion?
by NAM! January 19, 2012
The word stallion often refers to masculine character who is known to have "good" relationship with females.

To become/be a stallion, one must first act like a stallion. Stallions often have little traits such as mastering the art of raising an eyebrow without looking like a wanker and also mastering the art of raping a girl without being caught. They are also known famously for reeling in a female using nothing but a fishing rod.

Stallions are often found in the following locations:
1. Gym
2. Workshop
3. In your girlfriend/wife/mother/sister's vagina.
Here is a typical conversation between a stallion and his betch:

Daisy: Hello
Alex: Let me fuck you under the moonlight.
Daisy: I.. I don't know what to say.
Alex: Don't say anything.. just suck my cock.

Daisy: *gags*
by ATDP September 25, 2010
A white dude who will cut yo ass quicker than a Samurai on crack.
I was creeping up in Hazzard County last week and accidentally stepped on a dudes shoe but thankfully he wasnt a stallions.
by Dirty November 10, 2003
A young man who goes for an older woman. Essentially the opposite of a cougar only not as big of an age difference. A Stallion is usually with a hottie who, even though could get a guy her own age, is somehow infatuated with their younger date.
I hate going to the bar in Alberta because they let people in at 18... it's just a bunch of stallions.

Friend 1: Hey is that Jane`s stallion over there in EB Games?
Friend 2: woa he is a youngen!

Example 3

Friend 1: So i met this guy and we've been kind of seeing eachoth and I just found out he just turned 20.

Friend 2: Well your only 24... thats not that big a difference. looks like you've got yourself a stallion.
by WordWorksWorm November 13, 2010

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