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A Stalkette is a young, female stalker. She is obsessively following you, writing letters, waiting outside your home, calling you on the phone, emailing, texting, relentlessly.
Guy A: Um... what is up with this broad who is following you around?

Guy B: Whew, it's my own little stalkette. This bitch is relentless, she won't leave me alone. She calls me at all hours, texts me constantly, I'm going nuts.

Guy A: Dude, why don't you change your number?

Guy B: I HAVE changed my number.... twice! She knows my friends and she sneaks and looks in their cell phones and gets my number.

Guy A: What are you gonna do?

Guy B: Get a second restraining order, I guess.
by Juderunner May 17, 2009
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