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(Gerund form - Stalkavating)
The process of digging out the immature posts and updates of a person years back on the internet and sharing it to the world by giving a rebirth to it by commenting or sharing. The person who carries out this process is called a Stalkavator.

--> When Stalkavation happens very common around the globe at the same time. It's a called a Stalkvacalypse.

--> Common Stalkavators are assholes, retards and broken hearts.
-->Erradication of Stalkavation is possible, once examinations for the Stalkavators begin. Or you shall Stalkavate them back. It'll usually stop them. But if you do so, you become one Stalkavator too. This is why it's so infectious.
"Man, why these motherfuckers commenting on my birthday photos which I uploaded 4 years ago?"
"Well, same here, stalkavators everywhere out there man."
"This is too much, why is EVERYONE doing it?!"
"Swag, Yolo, Stalkavacalypse".

Stalkavation for the destruction.
by Free-D December 26, 2013
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