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A homosexual orgy in which one man lays on his stomach and multiple men lay vertically upon him while orchestrating anal copulation. The bottom man is said to be "stackjobbed."
Hey what did you get on your calc final?

I got a 33.

Wow man you really got stackjobbed.

by Merchant of Menace & Patelji March 20, 2009
A word used for falling over or tripping over. Usually used by skater kids when they fall over on their boards, bikes, skates etc. But can be used by anyone to describe any type of miss placement of feet that results in you on the ground.
Jim: did you see jake on his bike yesterday
Bob: yeah he should have known he couldn't land that jump.
Jim: he did a complete stack-job in front of everyone. What a loser!
by sexy/impressionz March 19, 2008

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