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A rapper who recently passed away(June 11, 2007), signed with desert storm, but Byrd Gang Affiliated. He was a good rapper and made appereances with rappers such as JR writer, Jae Millz, etc.
Weatherman with that money I make it rain on 'em.
Weatherman with that paper I make it rain on 'em.
Weatherman with that kitty I make it rain on 'em.
I make it rain on 'em, I make it rain on 'em

Stack Bundles Weatherman
by your mom June 14, 2007
A rapper from the the Redfern section of Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. Affiliated with Dipset/Byrd Gang/Riot Squad.
Hey I saw stack Bundles rapping in lead burns Refern the other day.
by Nonfiction June 06, 2007
Rapper from Far Rockaway, New York. He recently got shot and died. He is part of Dipset. He is also a member of Tha Riot Squad, along with Bynoe & Chinx Drugs. He is a good friend of Jersey City Rapper, Ransom.
Stack Bundles: Yo Capo was poppin nigga?
Jim Jones: I'm just doin my thing, u smell me?
Stack Bundles: Ye nigga, Squaaaadd Upppp!!!!
Jim Jones: Balliinnnnn!!!
by Stinkerr August 29, 2007
A young russian boy usually between the ages of 13-16 who tends to often "hustle". Can usually be found on Friday nights at the mall or movies hanging around. This strange creature is the highest class of a trapaholic. Was never informed as a young boy on how to be normal, so still does not behave in that manner until this very day. Highlyy dislikes people who think they can fade out with him.
roman, juice, stack bundles
by mary qwerty September 01, 2009
Another rap music "studio gangsta" who is all of a sudden famous for being murdered in New York City. Before this incident, he was a nobody.
Guy 1: "Damn son...RIP for Stack Bundles"
Guy 2: "Stack bundles?"
Guy 1: "Yeah man, dude was hot...he was gonna be something"
Guy 2: "Wtf man? He's a nobody...what are some of his tracks?"
Guy 1: "Um...I don't really know..but RIP STACK BUNDLES!!1!!"
Guy 2: "Uh..yeah......"
by Mobb2x June 11, 2007
Wack rapper from New York recently signed with Jim Jones birdgang imprint has abillity to kill an entire track.
"You hear that new song Jimmy got"

"Yeah shit was hot til Stack Bundles got on it"
by Yung Money August 23, 2006
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