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St. Leo school is a small catholic school in the middle of versailles, KY. Every Thursday we have chicken nuggets from the McDonalds dumpster, and every friday we get little ceaser's pizza (no choice, one week its cheese, the other pepperoni.) The students attend mass every Friday. Our largest class ever I believe was about 28 kids. The school curriculum is all determined on how much the teachers like you, so if they hate you, you get a 3hr. detention for having your shirt un-tucked, but if they like you (and this seriously happened) you could take an entire tray of jello down a teachers shirt and get off with a warning. basically, here, your surrounded by a bunch of fat-@$$ biased hypocrits.
St. Leo School average day:
student: *humming*
teacher: HEY! NO SINGING!
student: yes, mam
teacher: Baby youll be famous dada till you love me!.....
by smitty1ky June 01, 2011
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