Word that is commonly used for yelling out of car windows at "stangers".
Most commonly means a female of inland or westie tendancies. Can also be used to describe someone outrageously ugly or ratty.
"That denim g-string makes you look like such a stanger."
"You are such a stanger."
"Go back to Lithgow where you belong you dirty stang."
by Joal McMan January 06, 2005
A relentlessly lingering smell, mostly resulting from a rectal emission.
Dude, did you just let a stanger?
by John Griffin February 09, 2004
refer to shitstain
Skidmark on your underwear, brown stain
by stim_ul8or November 12, 2003
To wrap a rubber-band around your hand and wait until it goes numb. Then you masturbate.
"Man, I can't get a girl....at least I've got a rubber-band and a bottle of hand cream."
by Jake May 12, 2005
someone viewed as being a complete and utter nonce. can be used as another name
who's that guy?
that's piers. careful he's a complete stanger.

NB- not to be confused with stranger which isn't an insult
by mohomonkeyman March 10, 2004
The most underrated Metallica album yet. Manny noobies consider this as nu-metal or hard rock when in fact, is just is pure simple metal. Not thrash metal, not speed metal, not power metal, just plain metal. It is in fact a very good album, even though of a different style from Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets or Kill 'Em All.
"Dude, did you get a load of the shitty new metallica album?"

"Get the fuck out of here dude! You don't know shit!"
by wonton August 18, 2004
St. Anger is Metallica's latest album. It is way too under-rated. No, it's not as good as Ride The Lightning. But, you have to listen to it!!

Great Songs are Frantic and St. Anger. Some Kind Of Monster is good, too.

Listen to it when you're alone with no distractions and you'll see what I mean. This is what I did. And, I love it. (Not as mucgh as Ride The Lightning!)

If it still sucks, then you suck,

Faggot-Metallica-Poser: Did you hear St. Anger?
Me: Yea. What about it?
FMP: It sucked!
Me: -gets crowbar and bashes face it-
by Hollaitzski June 07, 2005

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