Faggots like DJ Nucci
by your fuckin mom April 01, 2005
A school in Philadelphia given a bad rep by a certain twink who thinks he is the man and needs to be an obnoxious fuck at every sporting event.

The underclassmen are huge queers and stereotypical drag queens who pretend to be big bad hardasses but are always the first into their parents car when an altercation is about to break out.

In the student directives, it is clearly laid out that all Prep underclassmen must either throw a thumbs-up or a shocker when being photographed or they face disciplinary action at the hands of one Mark "consider the pain brought" Halligan.

St. Joseph's Preparatory School for Young Men is home to the winner of the 2004-2005 "Principal with Most to Prove" award. If this (unnamed) man's plan is actually put into action that involves giving us "days off at the end of the year" that were taken away earlier, we would be getting out sometime around April 8th - give or take a few weeks. See bullshit.

The school is going steadily downhill due to a shitty administration and underclassmen ready for a sex change.
"I cannot wait until I begin college."
"Did you go to the Prep?"
"What the hell are you going to college for?"
"fuckin pusssssieeeeeeeesssssss prep rules"
"fight me"
"no thanks"
(in college)
"Fuck that kid."
"I concur."
"Every student at SJP comes from a family whose income exceeds $400,000."
"Nice blanket statement."
"fuck you prep fag i'll stereotype all i want."
"Yo guys join me with my unoriginal cheers that make us look like assholes."
"Freshman: Certainly."
"Everyone else: Maybe some other time, <anonymous>."
A bunch of cocksucking assholes who think theyre cool cuz they go to the city but all they are is a bunch of rich faggots.
LaSalle is so much cooler than the Prep.
by Jesus Christ December 01, 2004
umm im sorry but i do believe that ohara beat u guys in the last football game
u lost to ohara

yeahhhh o
by yeah O March 16, 2005
NOT the real PREP. Most homosexual school in the Philadelphia area. PERIOD.
Welcome to the St. Joseph's Preparatory School for Young Ladies
by You_Suck March 04, 2005

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