yea u guys r just fuckin jealous of our awesome CX team - we kick ur ASS AT CX so dont go talkin shit bout us just cuz ur jealous or got rejected by st a's... SO STFU!!! and we got tons of hot girls so u cant talk bad bout us for that... GO CLASS OF 07!
st a's beats all u GDS, sidwell haters just cuz we beat the shit out of u at cx!!!
by kwl February 04, 2005
Top Definition
One of the smallest schools with one of the highest tuitions, and some of the richest students in the area. Extremly hot girls who are often seen in their SUVs and sports cars racing off campus to get trashed. It is located on the highest point in potomac, and has one of the best cross country teams in the area.. why? because we like to go to all the parties that get crashed and get in shape from running from the police.
Student 1: hey is that a cop?
Student 2: I don't know... pass the vodka
by xoxo November 15, 2004
a) pleasant seaside town
b) ghetto of the elderly
c) scotlands answer to florida
d) something to do with golf aswell...
guy1: well thats me ready for retirement...

by werenotwhoresdammit July 10, 2008
This is a great institution with fantastic teachers where sexy ladies and a few upper classmen boys know how to have a good time. To these other definitions... I'm sorry you were either a huge loser at SAES or your application was simply rejected... sweet life.
Mr. Kosasky's a fag.
by Rick James December 24, 2004
An episcopal school located in Austin, Texas for grades 1-12. The school is known for its liberal stance on issues such as homosexuality. Also known for its kickass lacrosse team. Students are generally drawn from the monied elite in Westlake, and Terrytown.
Student 1: <pops his collar> I'm going to St. Andrews Upper School to air all of my liberal views.
by Jenna87 October 29, 2006
Famous Town in Fife, Scotland
St Andrews is The Home of Golf
by Ped The Ned July 06, 2006
Saint Andrew is Scotland's Patron Saint . Andrew was one of Christ's Apostles. Legend states that an Eastern Monk (St Regulus) took Remains of Saint Andrew from Greece in the 4th century and buried them in what is now Known as the Town of St Andrews Fife
Scotland, Greece, Russia and Romania all have St Andrew as their patron saint
by Alba gu Brath June 23, 2006
A town on the East coast of Scotland. Predominatly known for being the home of golf, in recent years the town has aquired an air of snobbishness. Housing-prices have risen to be 100's of % over the national average.

St Andrews is also home to St Leonards, the exclusive Scottish public-school
St Andrews is a nice but expensive town.
by Andrew XY January 07, 2008

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