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When you're on a first date with this guy you met online who you kept fobbing off because you were too busy/tired/off with other unimpressionable tools, and after trollololing together you start making out on St Kilda beach like a really classy clungey whore and get very very randy... and these foreigners come and start sight seeing of and all around you and your dick bag of a date just as you're beginning not to care whose looking because you just want to get raped in public not even in the bushes. Except you don't and go home because you have to get up for work at 6am.
"Hey Emily, I was kissing a boy on St Kilda beach late at night on a first date and could've had some good rape or gone back to his for rape but I have a shitty shitty job at 7am on a Sunday morning!!!"

"Lucky coq then St Kilda Beach late at night on a first date? Dick yeah!!"

"Hey slappa I had sand all up in my clunge when I got home!"

"Blue balled? Me too."
by Karen the Dyke January 22, 2012
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