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An ambulance service which is run by volunteers of all ages providing first aid and medical treatment to members of the public throughout the world.

Its not just about putting plasters on cuts, members attend numerous training courses such as FAW (First Aid at Work) and AED (Automated External Defribulator) and have helped to save thousands of people lives and work in a close partnership with the local ambulance services.

Without St John Ambulance no events such as the London Marathon, Triathlon and football matches would be able to go ahead.

Often wrongly shortened to "St John's Ambulance"

Like the police and the army, there are different ranks within the organisation; cadet leader, corporal, sergent etc. Also, members quite often are nurses and doctors with years of medical experience.

Badgers are the members from 5-10, cadets from 11-18 and adults from 18 years.

Being a member is fantastic, its really worthwhile and fun to be a part of something so intricately organised, some people dont realise how much work goes into each duty and how long people spend helping others, but its all worthwhile and a great organisation to be a part of.
St John Ambulance is a worldwide organisation that helps thousands of people each year.

"Wow, St John Ambulance rocks!"
by grape_vine February 27, 2005
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a voluntary first aid service
help,help i seem to have fallen over and twisted my knee. fear not young sir i am from st john ambulance, hold still whilst i apply this cold sponge to your general person. hey thats not my knee, thats my groin. young sir you are in a state of shock i am not a peado look i have a black uniform and a white armband you can trust me.
by da origanal playa June 03, 2006

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