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The name of an erotic website for women porn for women in the genre of Fifty Shades Of Grey, Mpmmy Porn, Playgirl and literotica. Contains erotic movies, stories, romance novels, articles, video tutorials and lots of naked men. All content is geared towards straight women.
Me: Judy, what are you doing with my Fifty Shades Of Grey book?

Judy: (pulls up her panties and blushes)
Me: Well, go ahead and read the rest of it, but then go to for the real thing.

Judy: What's Sssh?

Me: Totally hot porn for women.
by Coleen Singer April 19, 2013
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State Sanctioned Serial Homicide. Proud duty of troops fighting our enemies. The acronym is meant to discourage them from using the words "kill" or "killing" thus frightening the media.
Ergo; Sssh! Don't discuss it!
Public affairs officer; So, Corporal, what was you're deployment in Afghanistan like?
Corporal; "S.S.S.H. Sir!"
by Dakawn Vick March 25, 2017
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