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Srith, adjectiv, describes a type of person

This type of person is very lazy and fond of watching halfnaked ugly girls over webcam. The word srith are often used in contexts where the person are racist and uses a strong verbal language about the opposed race. One can often recognize a srith by the smell and fragrance, from old spermies which can give you vomit and dizziness. Do not touch his clothes or/and especialy do NOT enter his hive/room.

If you ever see a srith, then you better hide and close your doors. You do not want this type inside your house, or even borrow him any money.
Child: "Mommie, smell! It smells like old grampa's bedroom!"
Mom: "Hurry inside! There is a srith close by."

Mom and child runs inside and barricade the doors.
A srith comes by:

Srith: "HeeeellooOOoo, anybody home? Can I borrow some money from you guys!? I need some money for a new webcam and microphone, so the picture won't lagg. HeeeEEeellooOo!?"
Child: "Mommie, I am scared."
by Wonderboi February 13, 2007
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