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The name of a Hindu deity who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Thought to be the embodiment of the perfect man and represents the ideals of courage, kindness and moral righteousness.
That dude right there is just like Sriram.
by URSMD May 22, 2009
ultra-cool, coolness beyond definition
if Chelsea is a damn cool team, Manchester United is so sriram
by gr8greedyguts March 31, 2010
a term commonly referred to a physical large person that is very nice on the inside.
also known as a gentle giant
that guys is a sriram.
by sharkz90 March 18, 2009
(v) To sexually proposition. (adv.) To make a member of the opposite gender uncomfortable by one's mere presence.
That child molester totally sriramed me.
by BK_Shaun October 25, 2007