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A very awesome indian male. He is typically fighting off hordes of hot girls while solving calculus problems. His body smells like heaven and is well endowed in the male physical areas. He gets wild at night and is extremely fun to hang with.
Jack: Hey is that Srimukh ?
Andrew: Holy Shit! Indeed it is. Watch how he gracefully finishes his math homework while attracting all the sexy girls in a one mile radius.
Jack: Damn I wish I was a Srimukh...
Andrew: Tru dat man.. tru dat
by HughJassRHawt April 04, 2010
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Someone who thinks they're very fly.
Sometimes they are, but they're usually very indian. They think they smell good, but they really smell like curry.

They usually have small private parts.
Johnald: Hey friend!

Srimukh: Yo wat is up my homie gee. smell my hair.
Jonald: No thanks, you must be a srimukh.
by J0hnald July 04, 2009

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