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Verb: to disprove or very soundly argue against

Noun: a completely airtight argument

Adjective: (unsquitsgemmable) Not able to argue against at all

The word is coined after the late Dr. Ernest Squitsgem, noted zoology professor at the University of Finland. Dr. Squitsem spent his entire career attempting to prove the existence of unicorns, despite all obvious evidence to the contrary. To his dying day, Squitsgem was renowned for making retarded but absolutely undisprovable claims. Other professors often referred to him as "a crazy douche". He died in 1948 in the Arctic, stabbed by a narwhal. His reported last words were "Follow the glittering hoofprints".
--I do say my good sir, you have squitsgemmed my own squitsgem with an unsquitsgemmable squitsgem of your own! Well done!

--Gary, shut the fuck up.
by The NarwhalKing February 25, 2011
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