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A fancy, cutesy way to say a hug, or embrace, like you are getting squished or squeezed. Not to be confused to the insulting word 'squiss', this is a positive term, one that conveys love and affection. Can be done standing up, sitting down or lying down like spooning. One squiss can last anywhere from 1 second to minutes long.
"I want to squiss you"
"I'm feeling a bit blue I could use a nice squiss"
by JIWWY May 04, 2011
I personally derrived this one from the insult "squirrel" this one is a prissy squirrel. Some who say... punches you hard and is small then runs away and when you try and hit them they flip and a say things such as "dude what the fuck man" "what are you doing" "fuck off" A squiss is 50% Deuche bag and 50% squireel mixed together plus about 10% extra of bitch. (normall and small person)
when you go ask a squiss for some chips and they have 2 snack bags full and wont share one chip with anyone at all

SOmeone who punches you runs away and gets all pissed and squirrely when you hi them back
by Bryan Mcintosh October 11, 2006
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