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In 1936, a freak occurrence involving a be-tentacled cephalopod, a certain household cooking utensil and a kitchen sink resulted in the creation of the world's first ever Squisk. A being armed with both metallic whiskyness and an especially pointy head, it was too much of a drunkard for those of squid-kind to accept and yet too reminiscent of knives for the whisks to welcome as one of their kin. After wandering the New York City sewage system for many years, it finally found a home at a local oddities shop. Now popular among both culinary, scuba diving and alcoholics anonymous groups for its unique characteristics, the Squisk can be found at several New York locations.
One day, while bored, I decided to breed my culinary whisk with my pet squid; their offspring, the Squisk, has excellent swimming and cooking abilities.
by Harkat Lixon August 27, 2010
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