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A mixed drink made from the grapefruit flavored pop, Squirt, and gin.
"All I have to drink is gin and squirt."
"Shit, make a squirt engine."
"What's in it?"
"Squirt and gin. It will get you fucking rolling."
by Speeditdown February 26, 2007
A mixed drink made from Squirt soda, Gin, and a little grenadine.
"Squirt Engine is a great drink."
by Mo D March 15, 2008
A man who puts out often. Usually accompanies impressive stamina.
Do they ever leave the bedroom? That guy must be a real squirt engine.
by cheshirepig January 21, 2010
The orange pop, Squirt, mixed with gin. Squirt 'n gin or Squirt Engine.
What's a squirt engine?
Squirt and gin, and it's gross as hell.
by The Straight Arrow April 18, 2006