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To bite, viciously attack, claw out the eye balls. A very violent act.
meghan: "no one cares.."
bridget: "IM GONNA KILL YOU LIKE A squirrel monkey!"
by Miss. Amazingpants February 01, 2011
When a short person gets really pissed and is ready to attack you
Man, my girl will go off on you like a Squirrel Monkey....its Jersey shore bitch!
by matchesb January 07, 2011
Any species in which reproductive organs of both sexes are present.

Also see: Hermaphrodite
confused individual: "Are you a MAN or are you a WOMAN??"

Hermaphrodite: "neither, Imma SQUIRREL MONKEY!"
by Gmilch May 16, 2010
A word used for a hot guy. Prefurably a Jock.
Whoa, that squirrel monkey just got a touch down!
by Stephanie January 01, 2005