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Created by Sean Howard.
One of the best Internet Comics, many people hate it just because of a tiny insignifigant dispute with the creator of Penny-Arcade another popular internet comic. Squidi's main comic is "A Modest Destiny" which pokes fun at some of the RPG and fantasy cliches.
Did you see yesterday's Squidi Comic?
by Shaun G. August 27, 2004
To crack down on a copyright infringement for what may seem like a bad

Squidi is the former name of the avatar used by the (deservedly) praised webcomic author Sean Howard. After a copyright disupte involving the Penny Arcade webcomic, the name began to carry some a bit of baggage and since then Sean Howard has stopped using the name but its legacy lives on and it still remains the URL of his site (
Don't worry, you can use any image from my comic as an avatar or whatever you want to do with it; I'm not going to go Squidi on you or anything.
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