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a person with a nice butt
damn...justin has squibcakes
by squibcakes luver November 09, 2004
"Squib Cakes" was a term that funk trumpeter Mic Gillette (Tower of Power etc..) used to describe the backsides of lovely ladies.

It was also a song by Tower of Power in 1974 on the "Back to Oakland" album.
Man! Check the squib cakes on that fine foxy mama - she's shakin' em and she ain't breakin' em.
by zoobiewahh November 05, 2010
A person wid a nice ass.
"damn..she got squibcakes!"
by Woodie! ^_^ April 12, 2003
A song from the 70s

Genre: Funk, Funk-Jazz
Artist: Tower Of Power
Album: Back To Oakland (1974)
Jive Turkey: yo, uh, pass me the butter and, uh, some squib cakes
Smooth: Fo real?
Jive Turkey: uh, sorry, I was trying to be all groovy... and stuff
Smooth: It ain't no thang
by B. Stern June 21, 2006