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The quilted pattern you get on your nails when you go to bed too soon after painting them with nail varnish.
N.B. Even when your nail varnish appears to be dry, you are still at risk of squeeble.
Girl One: "I'm going to bed"
Girl Two: "Haven't you just painted your nails?"
Girl One: "Yeah... Like an hour ago"
#squeebled (adj.) #nail varnish #pattern #quilted #bed
by Kirsty and Nog January 18, 2009
that by which if multiplied by infinity then divided by the quotient of squeebles multiplied by negative infinity results in the end of the universe.
Don't ever try to multiply squeebles by infinity then divide it by squeebles multiplied by negative infinity. Even a mental attempt could be fatal.
#equations #the end of the world #armageddon #math #danger #warning #conspiracy #stuff #sex #anal #teens #apples #drugs #alcohol #naked #beer #animals #cars #satan #god
by Mathmagician February 08, 2008
somethin that is so fat it cant see its toung,eats garbage,uses bathtubs no1 uses,suck up all the water at the baech then jumps on each other to get it out,and falls over all the time cuz they'er so fat!!!!!!!
(say w/ brithish accent-no offense)-i like squeebles.they'er funny and fat.
#fat baby chiken #a fish #guina pig #fat gerbils #squeable
by pleper April 01, 2010
The slimy, seedy gross part of a tomato or other slimy nasty vegitable
the squeebles in the tomato are utterly grossening.
by Paisley Pumpernickle April 15, 2005
often found in the deep dark rainforests of Dronfield, a squeeble is a pygmy covered in pink paint. Always on the look out for new things to feed on. Isn't fussy.
ARRRRRRRGHHHH!!! It's a Squeeble! Run!
by Sam January 20, 2004
1. n - A random, extremely emotional comment (some might call it hyper) on something one feels strongly for.

2. non-trans. v: The act of commenting in an extremely emotional manner on something one feels for. (squeebling, squeebled)
Mary Sue was _squeebling_ about her hot new squeeze. I couldn't stand it, and had to have a small _squeeble_ to myself later about how immature she could be.
by UltraM2000 April 16, 2004
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