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The best ski area in the world. Also known as Olympic Valley. It was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, which is why it kicks major asss.
Squaw Valley is de sickest resort in the Tahoe Basin.
by squawskier#1 November 24, 2008
tight as fuck, all other ski areas suck dick
ski squaw
by zack kahn November 18, 2003
The training grounds for the best skiers around. Held the Olympics a while back. KT-22, one of the chairlifts here, was voted #1 in the western hemisphere.
Unlike Vail, Aspen, or East Coast resorts, Squaw is really fun and chill. There's a reason why the biggest cliffs are right below the chairlifts. It's a playground and if you're good, you just might get lucky. Lots of pro skiers call Squaw Valley home, and a few have died from having a bit too much fun. C.R. Johnson, Shane McConkey, we miss you.
There's 4,000+ acres of amazing snow. Most of the time ski patrol is chill, so you might be able to add a bit more to that.
This is ski resort to hit.
Squaw Valley aka Squaw... topless women shredding, Olympic lifestyle, oh and did I mention the best skiing in the western hemisphere?
by Tahoeboy March 02, 2011
a Native Reserve; derogatory term for an indian reserve
"Oh shit son, Pauls living at some squaw valley with his hoe."
by jeorje August 17, 2006
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