Dirty STD infested vagina
"Shaun has been real desperate lately, so desperate he fucked that little squatch downstairs in Apartment C, now he's got scabies, warts and the HIV."
by That girl at Perfect March 02, 2009
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A term to describe a disturbingly hairy vagina. The word squatch derives from the mythical beast the Sasquatch.
Dude, i was about to tap that hot chick from the store. But she took her pants off and i saw that squatch and ran.
by Dextin July 30, 2011
another term for bigfoot, or sasquatch; also used to describe a particularly hairy and / or bearded man.

Can also be used as a title or proper noun.
Here comes the Squatch! What's up, Squatch!
by OsirusR June 04, 2010
The powerfully intense poop you take the day after a night/day of heavy drinking. ....basically the hangover-shit.
ugggghhh breh, I'm hungover as fack......i think i feel a squatch brewin bruh
by Houston meza December 25, 2013
The name for the dried semen that accrues in the hair and the beard-hairs of truckers who've been hanging out at truck-stop glory holes.
"Hey brother, you got some SQUATCH in your beard, you'd better wash that out"
by passiveoppressive October 21, 2013
(n) Term used mainly in the west coast California, often meaning "get the fuck out" or "be gone".
*Girl - Yo let me get an ounce of that KUSH for a BJ
*Boy - Nah, squatch bitch
by A1SAUCY December 29, 2014
Squatting to take a shit in the woods like Sasquatch (Bigfoot).
When I was out hiking I had to squatch one on the trail.
by mizrabull September 30, 2003

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