When a person farts and excrement squeezes out as well. Can be used as a verb or a noun. Also known as a shart. A line in the movie "Along Came Polly" refers to this type of flatulence.
"Oh man I have to leave. I just squarted."
by J Dubya December 30, 2004
A fart produced while squatting, either accidentally or on purpose.
Sandra videoed herself doing squarts on a dildo.
by HoneyBooBoooChild October 29, 2012
A Squatted Art Show (squat + art); A free art openeing in and abandoned or 'squatted' building; A permanant free gallery in an squatted space
In New Orleans Feb 2004 and Asheville 2005 people put together squart shows in abandoned buildings and had openings where they let the public view the art and eat food an drink in the squatted space for the night, for free, of course.
by britches November 08, 2006
A Squart and a heart.

A sub group of Squangle which denotes the person being described as busty, beautiful and slightly random.
Dude, that squart has some huge tits man.
by Bitchieygurl13 July 09, 2004
A low piched deep fart performed whilst one is squatting.
Ben was passed out on the floor so joe stood over him and squarted.
by Squart Boy June 13, 2016
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