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Any square ass loser who always be floorin his v-tec and parking it in reverse, and who wont play outdoor basketball because he might get sick
This SquareButt Ri Hea (refer to picture)
#prince #v-tec #frankenstein #the game #sponge bob square pants
by Pimp McPimp November 30, 2006
n.: the opposite of a "bubble butt," the square butt is most often found on nappy white chicks. When using the square butt for sexual satisfaction, it is advised that a pillow, or some other cushioning device be placed between the wee-nis and the square butt to prevent bruising the male reproductive organs.
"Man, I hooked up with this square butt chick last night for two hours!"

"Are you shitting me? You wouldn't be walking if you did..."

" are the bruises to prove it!"
#booty #butt #ass #bubble butt #round-ass
by Dr. Josephus October 23, 2008
An abnormally shaped rear, somewhat ressembling a square
"Damn Pat... look at the girl with the square butt!"
by James Huge January 15, 2004
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