A package of nicotine sticks. Cigs
Yo Bro can pick me up a square when go pick mom's welfare check?
by Drewish August 16, 2005
insanely awful, terrible, disgusting
white cheddar cheese-its are so square in comparison to goldfish
by cap'n crunch lover August 20, 2007
To be understood by someone; to get the meaning of a statement clearly.
Are we square on this?
by Jehy January 05, 2006
an awesome person
Boy: You're such a square
Girl: Yeah. a Squarimus Maximus.
Boy: You're soooo coool. too cool.
Girl: Thanks dawg
by SQUAREEEE4654 May 06, 2011
a tobacco cigarette
"Man, I'm fiendin' for a square right now like some mad shit."
by Gina January 19, 2003
A word used in the '50.

People from the good society, rich, well educated and caucasian, oftenly living in suburbs. There were squares and drapes.
The girl back there is a square.
by sheriff luke April 06, 2008
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