(also known as Suquamish) a small town situated on the asscrack of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. Over run by natives and trashy white people, the seemingly only aesthetically pleasing thing about the town is the abundance of stray dogs and shattered bottles of Old English that litter the streets.
As i drove to Running Bear's mudhut i began to dodge potholes in the streets and noticed an escilation in bars on the windows of the surrounding houses, it was then that i realized i had entered Squampton.
by Satchmosis September 03, 2007
Top Definition
Also known as Squamish. Squampton is a small red neck town north of Vancouver, British Columbia and south of the sky resort of Whistler. The name implies that the factory town is somewhat similar to Compton, LA. This is partly true seeing as the honkies that live there are familiar with drive-bys. Not to be confused with the Squampton in Washington state.
Yo man I went to Whistler this weekend but stopped at the McDonalds in Squampton. My car almost got stolen by some redneck factory workers.
by Squamptoner September 22, 2007
A small town north of Vancouver, British Columbia and south of the sky resort of Whistler. The town is also known as Squamish and is inhabited by rednecks who work in the local factory.
You can test the pulp in the burgers at the local McDonalds; which is the towns main building. Squampton also has lots of drive-bys.
by Squam Town September 27, 2007
Canada's version of Compton. It is situated west of Victoria, BC, and is frequented by gangs, whores, lots of crack and posers. Possibly the worst place to walk around after 11pm on Vancouver Island.
Guy 1: Duuude, what the fuck happened to you?
Guy 2: I walked around squampton and got the boots
Guy 1: What did you expect, fuckhead?
Guy 2: Shut up.
by ex-esq December 20, 2010
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