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A wart covered growth that thrives between the legs. It usually has the appearance of a gourd.
"Doc, I believe I have developed some kind of squamous."
by Margarige January 27, 2009
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term used for someone who is gay
Oh Paul, you're such a squamous!
by swisschick October 14, 2008
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Scientific term. Often Linked to something such as a pink splotch. In other cases it could mean, a babe and or dude, and or any reproductive organs of the two sexes.
"He met this uber hot chick followed by some major squamous all night long."
"theres too much sausage at this party, we need to find some squamous."
Aw dude, I was changing in the locker room and his squamous popped out
by Dank-roo November 18, 2010
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