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A magic phrase said by the character Gwonam in the 1993 game "Link: The Faces Of Evil" Sometimes spelled "Squadilah" it is thought to mean "You'll always be behind your prey." Although it may just be Gibberish.

Its fame However can be more attributed to it's frequent appearances in "YouTube Poops"
Link: "I guess we better get going."

Gwonam: "Squadala! We are off!"
by JacksonJunior101 November 29, 2007
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A term often heard in Youtube poops. It originates from an old Legend of Zelda CD-I game. When link and Gwonam take off on the carpet, Gwonam utters the famous line.

Link and Gwonam fly off into the air.

by Chad Beasley December 12, 2007
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