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It is a verb meaning the result of extensive sqaucoing, which is a branch off of squaffling, a word meaning to tie a piece of meat to a string, insert it into a lovers anal cavity, proceed to fuck it, pull it out of the receiving anus and make that person eat it. "Squacoing" is the use of taco meat and a burrito or hard shell taco and after the meat has been inserted and squeezed out onto one of the given tacos, the other must eat it.
"As Victoria was reaching her climax her lover Alex took out Taco meat and a hard shell taco, she asked what is that for honey? Without a word he throws Victoria over on her stomach and without warning pushes the meat into her anal Cavity. She yells, clinched at her climax, and the meat comes out, Alex caches it into the taco shell and makes her eat it. After they were done Victoria asks what he was doing to her he says, Babe, That was a Squaco i performed on you."
by Squaco May 27, 2014
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