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The suprisingly pleasant feeling of despratley needing to use the toilet.
"I've got a sqoosh feeling."
by CROWSHOOTER67 February 19, 2010
A horrible mash-up song of a bunch of different genres, where the only possible commonality is the tempo, if that. These are commonly created by bands without talent, or any direction for that matter.
Hey man, did you hear the latest track from that band Gnomeffin Way?

Yeah bro, I don't even know what to say-what with their different acid techno, house disco, and rock styles all mashed up into one song... that's one bad sqoosh if you ask me.
by Baseboss August 04, 2011
A female partner who is lets say... Not the prize. She is not fat, however she is not skinny. It is a girl who may have a little extra squish, hence the term "sqoosh". Keep this one around for drunk nights when the regular woman is out of town, everyone needs a sqoosh. After the act of "sqooshing" or to have sex with a sqoosh, the man must immedietly run out of the room and yell WHATASQOOSHIN!
That sqoosh really wore me out last night.
by Rollerblade May 20, 2008

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