A comix noise, usually associated with a bloody body hitting a wall, window or floor. Describes any sudden, wet, gross noise in a comic.
(Villain rips spleen from hero's body and flings it across the room. It hits the window, going) SPUTCH!
by melicia April 10, 2004
Top Definition
The race of people that derive from the lineage of both Spanish and Dutch peoples.
He is Sputch, becuase his dad is Spanish and his mum is Dutch
by Meh Sheh September 01, 2006
A microwaved cheese sandwich.
"I ate me some Sputch"
by Poopy7_TBA January 04, 2012
A slutty bitch particularly a female
dude1: dude i'm gonna go ask the hot chick out

dude1: no dude she looks like a sputch
by noogface April 28, 2012
sputch: adj. to throw up in/on someones vagina whilst masterbating.
Boy X : Aww man I was so drunk last night, I the girl I took home ended up with a sputch.
Boy Y : Omg I can't believe u sputched that chick, she'll be fishing chunks out for days.

Girl A : If I had to be a lesbian I'd totally sputch everytime.
Girl B : Let's lez out then, I love hot puke on my cunny!
by gommeroids August 18, 2011
non-specific term used to suggest intimate anatomy or genitalia without overtly identifying the specific area.
Often used for comedic effect.
"He kicked me right in the sputch!"
by Filk March 12, 2010
An onomatopaeic ("sound effect") word that can only mean something bad or unpleasant has happened.

An exception to this rule applies to the heroes in zombie (or other monster) movies for whom the sound may represent the death of an enemy.
"Where's the cat?" *Sputch* "Uh-oh."

"Die zombie die!!!" *Sputch* "I love the smell of dead zombie in the morning."

"What's that lump under the carpet?" *Sputch* "Where's the hamster?" "Uh-oh."
by Phantom Oddity May 06, 2004
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