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A sock normally kept in the bedroom under ones bed, for the purpose of 'spunking' in to after having 'a wank'. A genuine spunksock can go unwashed for up to twelve months and hold up to four pints of jism. The original spunksock is a white sports sock with a red band and a green band around the top.
I've just put my spunk sock in the washing machine on a boilwash - it took me thirty minutes to unstick it from my bedroom carpet.
by Pabski July 14, 2003
10 3
An aid to masturbation. The sock is worn over the cock whilst masturbating for hightened physical pleasure and also as a means to catch the semen.
Occasionally the worn sock of someone else is used by those that have a sock fetish.
by Andy January 02, 2004
41 9
a sock that a Seaman(Navy) will bring aboard the ship with him for the lonely nights (trust me)
"Yea Bill all the guys knew never to touch that sock on the rack,they knew it was my spunk sock, im gunna get me some loving tonight
by Nicholas June 20, 2004
36 7
A sock in which a man uses to wipe up his jizz with.
My spunk sock is in use
by Bob June 20, 2003
26 6
sock in which the male will release a load into and usually hide under his bed.
" mum have you seen my spunk socks? "
by Danny K Johnson June 23, 2006
10 0