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A legendary champion football team known for dominating weak ass loser teams with chicken shit managers who post smack talk on Urban Dictionary because they lack the balls to compete for real.
The Spungos dominated in '07.
by Jack_Flack_X November 27, 2007
10 10
A legendary bowzy champion that may have cross dressing tendencies, but is a hero in most ways, namely partying like a motherf**ker and friendship for everyone!
give spungo a ring. he's probably at a party!
by princess shantan October 06, 2011
2 6
A homosexual white male with smaller than average penis size (generally residing in San Francisco) who will hire pre-op tranny prostitues to defecate into a sock and subsequently beat said homosexual into submission.
"Hey, did you see Tyler this morning? I found him in a gutter on Hyde street this morning. He was bleeding rectally and had shit smeared all over his forehead. What a spungo!"
by Chi Chi Roboticon October 13, 2007
15 19