The art of cuddling in the spooning position
Bloke A: Did u smash her pasty last nite?
Bloke B: Nah we just had a spuddle
by Kevin Marshall September 07, 2006
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To cause trouble, to bicker. A verb (Spuddler), one who spuddles
Young children bickering with siblings would often be scolded for 'spuddling'
by Oxford Concise Dialect December 22, 2004
A West country word meaning to waste time and not get on with the task at hand. Leads to spuddler, spuddled spuddly etc.
Look at old Mrs Jones, spuddling at the gate.
Oh, she's a right old spuddler.

Or to children - Stop spuddling and get on with your homework.
by floflumpit January 31, 2010
This occurs while urinating; when a massive sneeze overpowers you causing jets of urine to spray uncontrollably all over the walls and floor of the bathroom. This usually results in a large puddle of pee.

"That Sally McPuddles made a huge mess when he pissed all over the goddamn floor, he must have spuddled in there!"
by Anonymous June 07, 2006
To deliberately attempt to deceive a friend with a tall tale, for the purposes of humour. The majority of spuddles are low-level, with the key ingredient of a spuddle being believability, but some can be outrageous, as detailed in the example below.
Chris: "Oh Russ, I forgot to tell you. You see my mate Ben, over there? He's Chuck Norris's nephew!"

Russ: "Really?!"

In this example, Russ has been Spuddled. He now believes that a friend of a friend is related to the actor and Karate expert, Chuck Norris.
by theanimalmother April 06, 2009
a spot/puddle on the counter
Clean up the spuddle on the counter
by poptarts100 October 19, 2010
Noun: Any pool of ejaculate after a male or female orgasm.
Man: "Dude, my spuddle covered both of her eyes!"
Woman: "Oh, he pulls out though. Usually spits his spuddle in my belly button, it's kind of cute!"
Slut:"I love it when the spuddle hits the back of my throat."
Lesbian:"Give me a spuddle shower."
by big_dicked_cowboy January 13, 2011

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