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An Idaho potato doll used for marketing little potato treats known as 'spudbuddies' often served like small baked potatoes. The doll it's self was known as a "Spud Buddy". Also known as a 'spuddy buddy'. Also, Jimmy Spudbuddy (a friend or 'buddy' to potatoes ('potato' in wrestling lingo is a hard punch or hit with an object)); former referee for the all midget professional wrestling federation the Micro Wrestling Federation got this name for being a hard or "stiff" hitter in his wrestling days.
For potatoes: "Did you eat all your spudbuddy's?" "Did you bring your Spud Buddy with you?" In wrestling: "Wow he just Spudbuddy'd the hell out of him with that steel chair"
#potatoes #idaho #starch #patato #french fries #baked potato #sour cream #onions #chives #spuds #wrestling #mwf
by Franchise Designz May 27, 2011
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