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Also known as the spruce "geeks", not only are these losers located on the outskirts of town (Port Orange) , but on the outside of the social ladder as well. These hawks are famous for their IB program where they endure having no life for four years straight just so they can get into the same schools as everybody else. They're schedules consist of srictly studying and attending sporting events. No one has ever spotted one lurking anywhere beyond those places so consider yourself lucky if you catch the rare species actually doing something fun.
Cool Kid: "Hey, are you going to that party tonight?"
Spruce Creek High School Student: " No. I have study."
Cool Kid: "Dude, we graduated...yesterday."
by racecarbackwards February 04, 2010
A place where the smartest and brightest go. Hundreds flock to the creek in order to go to the IB program. The reason the "creek geeks" aren't seen outside of Port Orange for social events is because they are to busy "studying", but in reality its because they are fucking mothers of Seabreeze students. Any comments made by a Seabreeze student regarding the students of Spruce Creek are on every drug possible and don't even know where they are.
Seabreeze student: Mom, where are you going?
Mother: I'm going to Spruce Creek High School
Seabreeze student: Why?
Mother: To bang a creek student, why the fuck else would I go?
by fucking me > fucking you March 18, 2010
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